The University of Washington Libraries offers DSSI as an opportunity to work with new digital scholarship tools and to connect with others interested in open digital scholarship and pedagogy across our three campuses.


Week of Aug 3rd

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July 30, 2024
July 31, 2024
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August 4, 2024

Learning Environment


Your main mode of communication with your Coaching Team and other Libraries members will be Slack. Get acquainted with Slack as soon as possible and check for updates regularly throughout the workshop. You can set notifications to alert you of new messages to the channels you follow. The Coaching Team recommends using the desktop apps or mobile apps for Android and iPhone.


In synchronous meetings, you are expected to fully participate and engage with the content. It is preferable to connect using both video and audio. Use a webcam or microphone if you have access to one, or consider joining us using the Zoom smartphone app. 


You can find your syllabus, schedule, and learning materials on the DSSI website. Additional instructional material will be provided in Slack and Google Drive.

Land Acknowledgement + Anti-Racism Statement

At the University of Washington, we would like to first and foremost acknowledge the lands on which our Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell campuses stand today as the traditional home of the Coast Salish people, and the traditional homes of all tribes and bands within the Duwamish, Puyallup, and Snohomish nations. Without them, we would not have access to this gathering and to this dialogue.

We ask that you take this opportunity to thank the original caretakers of this land, who are still here. 

If you are joining us from outside the local Washington area, please also take the time to visit https://native-land.ca/ to learn about the tribes and bands on whose land you now work and reside.

There is no neutrality in the fight against racism. It is not enough to be passively “not racist”; such silent inaction only tacitly supports oppressive systems of power. The Digital Scholarship Summer Immersion (DSSI) team is committed to actively resisting racism through sustained antiracist action, which seeks to disrupt inequitable and harmful cultural norms, policies, and systems.

We firmly believe that an antiracist framework is essential to our pedagogical practices, and have intentionally integrated antiracist materials and practices into our curriculum. We are open to feedback and dialogue about this work, as antiracism is an active process and requires a willingness to continuously learn and iterate.

As we progress through DSSI 2020, we would like to amplify the voices of those fighting for black lives and engaging in acts of resistance globally. We are committed to educating ourselves on the systemic inequities that affect so many of our students, colleagues, and community members every day. We strongly encourage participants to consider how historical injustice and oppression have shaped the ways in which we learn and the stories we choose to tell, and consider how your work can incorporate antiracist principles by uplifting silenced voices, exposing shamefully forgotten histories, or challenging unjust power structures. We urge you to engage in open dialogue with your coaching teams and with other participants, and to join us in undertaking incredibly necessary antiracist work.


Need help? Contact dsleads@uw.edu to get in touch with the digital scholarship lead at your campus library.